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Take a look at these testimonials and see why we are the "Trendsetters"
in          Newborn baby care.  Our Baby Nurse takes that special  time in caring
for             your baby with a magic touch.

" Words cannot fully express the sheer gratitude for
all                    that our Baby Nurse provided for our daughter.  Our
Baby               Nurse also educate and support all the
Grandparents involve        and was such a joy working with her

The Baby Nurse was excellent with post-partum maternal              
care.  She explained and demonstrated specific exercises to       
strengthen musculature after the C-section.  Her advice                 
enhance our physical and psychological well being.  She was       
caring, patient, up to date with all the latest info on baby
recalls and baby products, organized and was able to put our       
daughter on a routine before she left.   

Our daughter was  sleeping for 6 hours by the time the nurse         


Being a first time mom my Baby Nurse was very helpful in reassuring and helped me to biuld up my confidence.    My Baby Nurse was sweet, calm, good
natured,      positive attitude, wealth of knoweldge for baby care and helped me with breast  Feeding.

She taught me how to care for my Newborn and be confident in my ability to parent.  Using the advice from the Baby nurse i was able to be the mother i always
wanted to be.  

To all expecting moms or new moms my advice to you is there is help out there, all you need to do is make the call.  It sure is reassuring to know that help is just
a    phone call away.   Whether you are a first time mom like me or you are a veteran it is ok to ask for help with your  baby.  My Baby Nurse was also able to
implement a plan for me to manage my life with baby in it.

Edit, New York
" Every new mom should have a "Baby
WOW!  it is great like being on a vacation.  I
felt safe knowing my baby was  being well
cared for, it give me a peace of mind .

                                             Natalie, New York
Jessica. Long Island
Michael and Jamie