Services We Provide

You can obtain the following services by booking a Baby Nurse which will be reserved for you.  
Once you have book the nurse,
you must inform her with the latest info on the due date, in case if
there is any change, this will help your nurse to be available for you whether the baby comes
early or late.

Serving the finest families in  New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut,
Boston Pennsylvania and Brooklyn  with the utmost Trust, Integrity and Professionalism.   If you
need a quality Baby Nurse with hands on experience and the know how, please contact us.   We
provide you with the highest quality at the most affordable rates.
List of services
Breast feeding - Support, encourage, Lactation consultation, feeding techniques and assist with positioning the baby
Bottle feeding - Preparation, cleaning, sterilization and assist with feeding
Umbilical cord care
Circumcision care
Bris preparation
Bathing - Sponge bath, tub bath
Baby massage
Establishing a feeding and sleeping schedule
Baby laundry
Maintain baby room - change bedding, change table liners, restock diapers, refill baby care products,
empty diaper container and empty garbage bin
Teach parents baby different cries and what it means
Tips on how to calm and soothe baby
Advice parents on baby development
Guide parents in getting to know baby
Encourage bonding between siblings and baby - Baby and family communications
Photo shoot
Provides a product list
Mother care
Accompany parents to doctor visits
Care for single, Twins, Preemies and Triplets
Baby naming and more.....
    Make home coming and transitioning into a pleasant one

    Nursery set-up
Call 1-646-397-0159 for a Baby Nurse
Give a gift of a Baby Nurse to any new parents.  It will be a gift to remember, one that will last a lifetime.

A gift of a Baby Nurse will give new parents time to transition into parenthood.  One on one teaching on baby care
101 for new parents and grand parents.  A good night sleep for new parents, especially for the new Dad.  A good
night sleep for the new dad means a good day at work. This is big news now as friends and family members are
giving the gift of a Baby Nurse for the new parents.  Please call to order a gift certificate.